Join ChartsEmpire Bi-Weekly Webinars and Amplify Your Trading Success!

ChartsEmpire Tri-weekly Trading Webinars

Join Our Tri-Weekly Trading Webinars and Amplify Your Trading Success!

The aim of this tri-weekly trading webinar is simple – to help traders like you enhance their skills and achieve greater success in the markets. Our Tri-weekly Trading Webinars are designed to provide valuable insights and strategies across various instruments: Forex, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptos.

By attending our webinars, you’ll enjoy:

  1. Practical strategies for profitable trading
  2. In-depth market analysis and trends
  3. Expert guidance from an experienced trader
  4. One-hour sessions, thrice a week

Webinar Schedule

  • Tuesdays – General Market Discussion Webinar (9 PM – 10 PM GMT+1)
  • Thursday – Beginners Traders Webinar (9 PM – 10 PM GMT+1)
  • Sunday – Weekly Market Forecast Webinar (9 PM – 10 PM GMT+1)

General Market Discussion is a webinar whereby we traders come together to share personal opinions and views based on market conditions in the financial markets (Forex, Cryptos, stocks, commodities, indices).

Thursday Beginners Traders webinar is a webinar dedicated to Beginners, independent, struggling and inconsistent traders. It’s also for traders who want to improve their trading skills.

Sunday Weekly Market Forecast webinar is a webinar dedicated to analyze new week market setup ideas. This will help beginners, struggling, and independent traders to have an idea of point of interest in the market for the new week.

Each webinar will cover:

  • Risk management strategies for safeguarding your investments
  • Exclusive market insights and opportunities
  • Topics requested by our audience (like you)
  • Proven trading strategies and techniques
  • Special guest speakers from the industry

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