MetaTrader Download & Installation Guide

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This MetaTrader Download & Installation Guide will walk you through how to get this trading platform on your PC as a beginner in the Financial market. The MetaTrader is a trading software platform used by retail traders and investors use to trade financial instruments.

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0:00 – What is MetaTrader?

00:49 – MetaTrader PC requirements

02:13 – MetaTrader versions available

02:34 – How to download MetaTrader on PC

03:08 – Where to download MetaTrader4 on PC

04:44 – How to download & install MetaTrader on Linux PC

05:16 – How to download & install MetaTrader on Windows PC

06:58 – How to download & install MetaTrader on Mac PC

07:34 – How to know the MetaTrader version downloaded on a PC

08:05 – How to trade real money on MetaTrader MetaTrader

Linux Script link: https://www.metatrader4.com/en/tradin…

Differences between MetaTrader 4 Vs. MetaTrader 5: https://chartsempire.com/mt4-vs-mt5-p…

Download MetaTrader 4 here: https://chartsempire.com/metatrader-4…

Download MetaTrader 5 here: https://chartsempire.com/metatrader-5…

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