Full Course: MetaTrader 4&5 Tutorial For Beginners

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This is a 2hrs and 15-minute Full trading course for beginner traders on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platform. This course is designed to help you get an in-depth understanding of everything you need to know to professionally trade on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platform. You can use the timestamp in the description of this video to skip to any section of choice or topic in this tutorial. Here are the topics that will be covered in this tutorial as listed in the timestamp of this video.

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NOTICE 00:00

1. Introductory to MetaTrader main menu commands 00:16

2. Differences between MetaTrader 4&5 trading platform 17:17

3. How to Customize Templates on MetaTrader trading platform 22:56

4. How to Save Template on MetaTrader trading platform 30:51

5. How to download and load templates on the MetaTrader platform. 32:01

6. How to change the color of objects and charting tools on Metatrader 34:48

7. How to remove ray on charting tools on Metatrader 36:27

8. How to limit charting tools to a specific timeframe on Metatrader 36:58

9. How to log, change master and investor passwords on Metatrader 39:22

10. How to enable and disable push notification on Metatrader 40:53

11. How to enable and disable event sounds on Metatrader 41:28

12. How to log on to MetaTrader community 42:08

13. How to connect signals on Metatrader 42:19

14. How to open a new chart on Metatrader 42:41

15. How to use Help on Metatrader 44:13

16. How to update and check the version of your Metatrader 44:25

17. How to access the Tools bar section on Metatrader 44:57

18. How to Customize standard tab toolbar on Metatrader 46:28

19. How to drag toolbars on Metatrader 47:45

20. How to Customize chart tab in Tools bar on Metatrader 48:07

21. How to customize the Line studies tab in the Tools bar section on Metatrader 48:55

22. How to customize the timeframes tab in the Tools bar section on Metatrader 49:40

23. How to use, remove, and add a One-click trading tab on Metatrader 51:22

24. How to use Market Watch on Metatrader 52:06

25. How to use the arrange window tiles command on Metatrader 54:41

26. How to execute first trade on Metatrader platform 54:59

27. How to execute sell market order on MetaTrader platform 57:40

28. How to set stop loss and take-profit for sell market order on Metatrader 01:02:08

29. How to calculate Risk-to-reward ratios on Metatrader 01:05:10

30. How to modify Take-profit and Stop-loss in sell market order on Metatrader 01:05:52

31. How to close active sell trade position on Metatrader 01:07:23

32. How to execute Buy market order on MetaTrader platform 01:10:23

33. How to use the One-click trading tab to buy on Metatrader 01:11:21

34. How to set stop loss and take-profit for buy market order on Metatrader 01:12:11

35. How to close active buy trade position on Metatrader 01:16:53

36. What are Pending orders on Metatrader? 01:18:45

37. Available pending orders on Metatrader 01:19:02

38. How to place a Buy-limit order on Metatrader 01:19:56

39. How to set an expiration period for a pending order on (MT4) 01:24:14

40. How to place a Sell-limit order on Metatrader 01:26:13

41. How to place a Buy-Stop order on Metatrader 01:34:13

42. How to place a Sell-Stop order on Metatrader 01:41:05

43. How to place Buy-Stop-Limit order on (MT5) 01:46:40

44. How to set expiration period for pending order on (MT5) 01:51:16

45. How to place Sell-Stop-Limit order on (MT5) 01:56:08

46. What is Trailing-Stop on Metatrader? 02:04:28

47: Instant/Market order for Trailing-Stop on Metatrader 02:05:54

48. Pending orders for Trailing-Stop on Metatrader 02:07:13

49. How to Set Trailing-Stop for Pending Orders on MetaTrader 02:08:11

50. How to convert Trailing-Stop point to pips on Metatrader 02:09:45

51. How to Set Trailing-Stop for market orders on Metatrader 02:13:20

52. *BONUS OFFER* Get Access to ChartsEmpire Trading Signals Community. 02:14:52

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